Enjoy the latest version of Namida APK 2024, The ultimate offline music player for your Android phone. It has powerful equalizers, intuitive control, beautiful UI, and a customizable playlist option.

Namida APK Download

namida apk

App Information

RequirementsAndroid 5.0

About Namida App

Namida is an app that converts audio, music and video songs into audio format on mobile devices. With the help of this, you can play your phone’s music, videos, etc. in audio form. Other apps charge money for such features but all this is available for free on Namida. Also, the Namida app helps in converting YouTube videos etc. into audio and playing them. There is no ad of any kind in this app.

namida apk download

Today, there are many types of apps available on Google Play Store that do not provide such features, and whatever they provide, they also charge you premium fees. This Namida app is completely free in you get everything like powerful equalizers, intuitive control, beautiful UI and customizable playlist option, offline YouTube video audio, etc. Due to this, it is much better than other music apps. You can get these features, you just download Namida APK version from given link above.

Namida Github

This app is made by a Namidaco user on GitHub which you can show through this link here. The developer continuously works on this app and provides you every new updates as soon as possible if the app stops working or faces and lag issue. Our site Namidaapk.com here always provides you latest version of the Namida App which you can download through our site.

Namida APK Features

This app has various types of features that no other offline or online app has. You can use this app in both mediums is online or offline, other features given below:

High-Quality Audio Playback

The Namida app supports a wide range of audio formats, it can play any format of audio files and also video files into audio. It delivers high-quality audio playback and enhances the quality of each song on your phone.

Customizable Equalizer

namida app equalizar

It has a fully customizable equalizer option with various presets and settings in it. You can tweak and enhance the audio quality for an immersive song experience.

Playlist Management

You can create and manage playlists with the Namida application. Here you add, remove or song to curate your best playing for any time to play. 

Offline Playback

The main feature of Namida apk is, it allows you to download any song or tracks and playlists to listen to offline. That makes this app super cool, many users use Poweramp but that one is paid. So, the Namida App is free to use.

Smart Recommendations

As you know AI is leading in the world. The app has some advanced algorithms to provide personalized recommendations for which song you prefer or listen to most. 

Lyrics Display

For those people who like to sing the lyrics of the songs they listen to, this app also gives you the lyrics. This app provides you with the lyrics of every song.

Beautiful User Interface

Talking about the user interface, the look and feel of this app is very good. Despite being free, this app has all the features that are not available in any other paid app. It looks very good and any normal person can easily use it.

Notifications & Widgets 

With its help, you can listen to songs even in the lock mode of your phone and can also fast forward and pause the song from the notification area, which is a good and convenient feature.

Crossfade and Gapless Playback

namida app home

With this app, you get the feature of gapless playback which reduces the interruption while listening to music and along with that, its transitions, especially when the songs change, are very good.

Namida Overview – Namida APK Download 2024 for Android

The user interface of the Namida app has been made very good. The developers have tried that whoever uses their app can easily navigate in the app and whatever work he wants to do with this app, he can easily do it. The developers have placed all the options and features in the right place so that you can easily play your songs in which you get the feature of playlist, library, track, etc. Along with this, you also get the equalizer feature and the biggest feature is that you can watch any song directly from YouTube in audio and video format on it.

namida apk settings

The design of the app has been made very simple so that the user feels that he is running a premium app and not a cheap or useless one. If you change the track or go to any option, then the transition that you get to see and the graphic lock that you get to see is very good. It has been made so convenient that you can easily go to different options and do your work. Here above I provide the Namida APK download link.

Apps Similar to Namida APK Latest Version

namida dark mode

There are many apps like Namida available in the market but all those apps charge money to provide all these features which this app provides you for free. Apart from this, I have given some names below which you can see but what is the benefit, all of them are paid and this app is completely free and easy to use.

  • Poweramp
  • BlackPlayer
  • Supertramp
  • Musicolet
  • Phonograph etc.


If you are also looking for such an application in the market on Google Play Store that can play any kind of music or video in audio format for you and can play all the songs present in your phone offline at any time, then for that you must use the Namida app. This app has all the features that you will get to see in any paid app.

Through this app, you can create playlists, enhance equalizer sounds, play YouTube videos in audio format, listen to any audio present in your phone and much more which I have mentioned above. I have provided the APK download link of the Namida app, you can download this app by clicking on it and installing it on your phone.


Q 1: Is Namida available on iOS?

Ans: No, this app is not available for iOS devices you can use this app only on Android devices.

Q 2: Is Namida a free app?

Ans: Yes, this app is completely free to use and it has all the features that paid apps have.

Q 3: Why is Namida so good?

Ans: This app has all the features which not other app has, You can use it offline and online in both mediums.

Q 4: Does Namida support offline playback?

Ans: Yes, Namida allows you to play downloaded songs through your file manager.